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My oldest memories are supported by music.  Places I have been, things I have seen, all seem to have a musical connection.  Maybe it was the song on the radio at the time or a song that has attached to a memory.  Music really took hold of me in grade school.  Laying on the floor with headphones on while my parents played cards at the table above is when I first heard Led Zeppelin’s opening riffs on Black Dog; I was blown away.  The albums my parents had, the albums my uncle brought to the house, the sounds that came from that tiny needle in the vinyl grooves of those first records was incredible, life changing.  I got a little FM radio I would sneak to school and listen to at recess.  Singing along to Tom Petty, Steve Miller, Steppenwolf, and the Beatles.  I found I could close my eyes and let the psychedelic sounds of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon and ELO take me to another place.  Then I found metal.  Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, AC DC, and Judas Priest had exactly what a rebel teenager needed, heavy riffs and screaming vocals.  


Fast forward a few years, I started singing in a few bands in high school and college.  When I graduated, I played in a band in Huntsville, AL, mostly just playing in the living room for friends.  I moved to Lexington in 1991 and a few years later, I really got into the music scene.  Running sound for a band in Berea, KY, playing regular jams with friends, and doing shows at clubs around the area, including playing Rupp Arena.  


Sometime in late 2000, I decided to put together a band and get it out in the scene.  With that the band was started.  We started playing in the basement of my house.  We were just five guys in the basement hence the moniker five below band.  Now over 1000 shows later, I’m still at it.  For the love of music and all the awesome folks I’ve met along the way, this band keeps Rockin and Rollin! 



Bassist/Keys/Background Vocals


Member of 5BB for 14 years... 2001-2006 and 2013-present


Born and raised in Independence, KY


A gigging musician for over four decades, since the age of 14... playing everything from country to rock to Top 40 to jazz and big band swing, in clubs from Northern KY to Nashville and Bowling Green to Birmingham, before moving to Lexington in 1999


Day gig is Creative Services Director for WLEX-TV, the NBC affiliate in Lexington

10-time Emmy winner as a producer, writer, and editor


Married to Rhonda Medley with two daughters, Ryan and Olivia and Stepson Daniel is a big 5BB fan


All-time favorite album... Steely Dan 'Aja'


Best gig food... the brisket grilled cheese at Proud Mary


Favorite song to play with FBB... 'Little Red Corvette'


Favorite FBB moment... watching Vinnie fall on his ass while trying to smash his guitar

Song I wish we would play..."Blinded By the Light"



Guitar & Vocals


Robert Vincent Collins was born and raised in Lexington, KY. He graduated from Lafayette High School and received his bachelors and master’s degrees in science education from the University of Kentucky. He also earned a Rank 1 endorsement in Education Leadership from the University of the Cumberlands. His professional career has always been in or associated with public education.


Music was a staple wherever the Collins family was, be it at home, the lake, the homes of friends, or with relatives. His dad played the guitar and piano, and his mother enjoyed singing along too and could sing harmony to any melody. His parents consistently participated in the church choir. Gospel music is near and dear to Vint’s heart to this day. When his dad would sit down at the piano is when the fun began. His dad’s spirited boogie-woogie Jerry Lee Lewis style of piano livened up any occasion.


Vint’s first attempt at playing a musical instrument was the clarinet in elementary school. The clarinet did not have great appeal because sports was king in elementary and middle school, until his best friend Tim Prewitt got a drum set at the age of 13. Vint wanted a drum set too because drums were loud and cool. The volume of the drums is believed to be his parent’s motivation to convince him to make the switch to the guitar. A couple of years later his parents would learn what loud really meant when the Marshall half-stack then shortly thereafter a full stack found its way to the basement. The neighbors loved it. Not!


His musical influences vary greatly. In the beginning there was southern gospel, traditional country such as Hank Williams Sr., Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, and Glen Campbell. Bluegrass was always present as well. Around the age of 10 came pop influences. Vint listened to Casey Kassem Top 40 count down of the forty most popular songs in the country every Saturday night. He rarely missed an episode. Then in junior high came the R and B-funk stylings Motown especially the Jackson Five, and bands like Parliament and Earth Wind and Fire. As for rock-n-roll: Kiss, Ted Nugent, Rick Derringer, Styx, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kansas, and progressive rock of Yes, Steely Dan and Pink Floyd.


At the age of 17, the first band he played in was called Progress. To this day these guys are some his best and dearest friends. After four good years with Progress Vint decided he should finish college, so gigging was put on the back burner, and he completed his bachelor’s degree. During this period, he married the love of his life, Tanya Kinmon, and they were blessed with two beautiful and talented daughters, Holly and Hayley. He entered the education profession as a science teacher and at the same time went back to “school” to learn how to be a husband and father. Vint never stopped playing guitar, but for some reason he decided it was time to get back in the “music game”. He played in several bands around Lexington with a good measure of success and then eight years ago he landed with the Five Below Band when they needed a fill in. Months later he was invited to become a permanent member and has been with this fabulous group of musicians ever since.



Guitar / Vocals


Age 14, way past my bedtime, the glow from my Dad’s old tube radio was lighting up my bedroom. The local radio station was playing Led Zeppelin’s live album “The Song Remains the Same “.  Jimmy Page’s guitar was amazing, beautiful and delicate one moment then powerful and explosive the next.  I wanted to make that sound!  And that’s where it began….


I had a variety of influences.  My Dad is a great steel guitarist and taught me a lot about the music business.  He was into jazz, Western swing and instrumental improv type albums in addition to playing country music.  He encouraged me to listen to and learn a wide variety of music.  I was a rocker though and was mainly into Led Zeppelin, Boston, Foreigner, Van Halen and the like.


I moved to Lexington in 1983 and got into the college band scene with bands like The Attitudes, Sam I Am and Atomic Tan.  Other bands include The Dragonflies, Space Cowboys, Soul Patch, Len Doolin (RIP), Dave Adkins and Feral Cats.


Nowadays I’m rocking out with The Five Below Band.  A great group of guys and excellent musicians.  The Five Below Band is like a family which also includes our beloved fans who come out to see us every weekend.  I love this band!


I’m still trying to sound like Jimmy Page…..



Drums & Vocals


Although Jeff is the newest member of the Five Below Band, he has been in the band full-time for many years and would often fill-in on drums with the band when needed for several years before that. Jeff has been drumming since he was 8 years old and singing for people as far back as he can remember.


“I love playing in Five Below because I am able to both drum and sing, the music selection is diverse and fun to play, and the guys in the band are not only excellent musicians but great friends.” –Jeff


As a singing drummer (both background vocals and lead vocals on some songs) Jeff brings additional vocal capabilities to an already impressive vocal band where all five members sing live. On drums, Jeff enjoys holding down a solid groove just as much as he enjoys going wild, with dramatic rolls and an occasional impromptu solo.


Although a native of Seattle, Washington, most of Jeff’s professional drumming careerhas taken place after moving to Lexington, KY. Jeff has toured much of the country with bands such as Molly Hatchet, Marauder and Rhoney G. He also has an extensive and diverse central Kentucky band resume, having played with Graveyard Romeos, Space Cowboys, Skinny Buddha, Citizen Kane, Handsome Devils, Meanstreak, D-Sul and Uturn, just to name a few.

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